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Cleaning an Oase Filtoclear


Thanks to its unique ”Easyclean Technology”, cleaning Filtoclear is really easy and practical with just a few simple steps:

Easy clean 1

Oase Filtoclear pond filter in working mode

Algae and dirt are flocculated by the UVC clarifier. Then the ”treated” water flows through the filter unit’s fine mechanical and large-pore biological filter elements, which support the filtration process and clarify the water. The pressure produced by the pump allows the water to flow back into the pond via a watercourse or a water feature.

Easyclean 2

Activate the cleaning function by turning the rotary switch. Next, move the cleaning lever up and down, thus ”wringing out” the filter elements. At the same time, the pond water flows into the filter and forces the dirty water out. Then simply turn the switch back into the filter position.
Oase pressure flo pond filtersOases pond filtoclear back to normal operation