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Pond Water test strip analysis

Test Required Value OASE Treatment Interpet Treament
To Raise To Lower To Raise To Lower
NO3 - Nitrate 0 - 10

0-40 ppm

N/A High Nitrate values favour algae growth. The nutrient supply must be limited be controlling fish feeding and planting underwater plants. N/A A number of partial water changes. Add Fresh Start to counter the effects id chlorine in tap water. Use if Pond Bio-Start will reduce future build up.
NO2 - Nitrite <0.05 mg/litre

<5 ppm

N/A Nitrite is a sign of a dangerous disturbance in the bacterial balance. Use Oxygen Stabiliser and, prior to stocking with fish, Starter Bacteria N/A A number of partial water changes up to 25% until level is reduced. Treat with Pond Bio-Start.
GH - Total Hardness 6.7°-15°

120-270 ppm

Use harder water to freshen up. Hardness Degree Plus and Oxygen Stabiliser. Use Biostabil Regulator for preventative care. Part change the water and use Biostabil Regulator.    
KH - Carbonate Hardness 4.5-12 mg/litre

80-180 ppm

Hardness Degree Plus and for lower total hardness use Oxygen Stabiliser. Biostabil Regulator. Lessens the water hardness and stabilises the pH value.    
pH 7.0 - 8.0 Hardness Degree Plus and Oxygen Stabiliser to pH 7.5. Biostabil Regulator mildly increases and regulates the acidity. PH-Value Minus the Hardness Degree Plus and Crystal Clear Immediate Clarifier (fights algae bloom/green water). Add Science Products pH UP. Add Science Products pH DOWN.
  Parameter Required Value To Increase Levels To Decrease Levels
  Temperature  4° - 25° Pond heater Floating plants, increase surface water movement
Base measurements always take KH Carbonate hardness (°dKH) 4.5 - 12 OASE Hardness Degree Plus OASE Biostabil Regulator
pH Acidity 7.0 - 8.0 Add pH UP Add pH DOWN
GH Total hardness 8 - 20 Add harder water Mix with clean rainwater
Fish are dying HH4 Ammonium (mg/l) <0.1 Unnecessary  
NO2 Nitrate (mg/l) <0.05 Not appropriate as nitrate is toxic. A number of partial water changes up to 25% until level is reduced. Treat with Pond Bio-Start.
Cu Copper (mg/l) 0 Not appropriate as it is harmful to micro-organisms and invertebrates.  
O2 Oxygen (mg/l) 5 - 10 Aeration, oxidisers, increase water surface movement Unnecessary as there can never be too much oxygen.
Algae and plant growth Conductivity (µS/cm) 250 - 800µS   Add clean rainwater
NO3 Nitrate (mg/l) 0 - 10 Not Required A number of partial water changes, use Bio-Start to reduce future build up.
PO4 Phosphate (mg/l) <0.1 Not appropriate  
Fe Iron (mg/l) 0.05 - 1.0    
CO2 Carbon dioxide (mg/l) 10 - 20 Slight movement of water surface Aeration, increase water surface movement.