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Power consumption (watch the watts)

The average cost of power in Australia is about $1.65 per watt per year, so a 10 watt
pump / light etc, will cost about $16.50 to run 24 hours a day for a year. (31cents per week)

If running 24/7
To calculate yearly cost of operation: Watts divided by 1000 x the price of electricity in $ per kilowatt hour x 24 hours x 365 days (assuming continuous operation)

Pond and sump pumps are cheap to run

Pond pumps are designed to pump water at low pressure and use minimum power.

For example, a pond pump pumping 15,000 litres per hour uses 250 watts of power, while a high pressure head pump at the same volume uses about 700 watts, an increase of 450 watts, an approximate cost increase of $742.50 annually.

Look on the pump charts, every pump has a 24/7 electricity use cost

Pond pumps vs Pool pumps      Pond pumps Vs Sump pumps