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Smart Solar  "Midi"

Smart solar
  • Easy to install
  • Require no wiring to a power point
  • One year warranty.
  • Operate in direct sunlight only*

*Special note: These pumps do not have a battery
back up to allow 24 hour a day use.

solar pump and panel set up
Water outlet can be a spray fountain head,
a small waterfall or as shown above.

"Midi" Solar pump & panel -  For small waterfalls or fountains

Solar panelsolar trend midi solar pump

solar trend midi fountain spray nozzles
The three fountain nozzles suppled with the Midi 102

1 year Warranty

Create your own water feature with this solar operated pump .
Attach 10mm clear PVC tube for a small waterfall or feature (model 101) or with the optional fountain heads for a spray effect select model 102
"Midi 101" Solar pump & Panel #... N/A
"Midi 102" Fountain arrangement ##  N/A

Accessories sold separately....
Optional 5m Extension cable****    
Optional panel mounting bracket**

# Midi 101  Includes a pump with matching panel

## Midi 102  Includes - pump, solar panel, three nozzles (Single spray, 6 & 12 hole nozzles, see spray pattern drawing under pump photo) and a pump support base with blue sponge filter
Optional panel mounting bracket can be screwed to a vertical or horizontal surface or attached to the supplied ground stake

****See bottom of page for more information

Midi Pump accessories still available
ountain heads
Set of 3*.........
Panel Only .......................... 
        Pump support / filter stand***  
Panel mounting bracket**....           5m Extension cable**** .......... 
*Three nozzles provided : Single, 6 & 12 hole nozzles
mounting bracket can be screwed to a vertical or horizontal surface or attached to the supplied ground stake
 ***To be used if the pump is required to stand vertically - typically with spray heads
****5m cable extensions are supplied with push fit connectors. There is a slight decrease in performance when the cable is extended due to voltage drop, please allow for this.



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  • Flow: 255 Litres per hour with maximum sun. (see further information below).
  • Fountain spray height: 500mm  with perfect sun.
  • Maximum pumping height up a tube - 850mm*with perfect sun (see chart below).
  • Pump: 6 volt DC,  120mA   Pump Size:  Height 60mm  x width 45mm  x depth 35mm.
  • Cable length: 3m  from panel to pump)..
  • Solar panel:  200mm  x 175mm with a strong Aluminium frame..
          Open circuit voltage: 8.2v         Voltage at nominal power: 6v         Short circuit current: .35A 
    Current at nominal power: .23A         Watts: 1.38 

Flow rates at different pumping heights - litres per hour

@ 0m @.25m @ .5m @ .75m Head / Shut Off**
255 205 130 20 .85m

**Head / shut off - The higher the water is pumped, the less the flow until the maximum pumping height is reached. It is critical that this is understood, this height is where the water stops flowing.


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