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SealEco Logo..... Pond sealer

SealEco EPDM Pond liner Sealant is fish safe and will provide a watertight seal. SealEco bonds to most surfaces such Plastics, Glass, Stone and Wood. It is sold the world over by Trellaborg, one of the worlds largest liner manufacturers. And it is finally available here in Australia.

  • Repairs Instantly.
  • Seals Cracks and Splits.
  • Solvent Free.
SealEco - EPDM Pond sealant - Black in colour, Commercial grade
  • Black 290 ml tube N/A (full size - 220mm*)

*Use in any calking gun

Also see EPDM fix

Bonds all materials including
  • Butyl rubber liner
  • Vinyl liner (PVC)
  • EPDM liner
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Ceramic
  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Wood etc



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Total shipping per order Only $10 to any Australian Address - Prices Include GST
Trade customers - Buying for resale - Call 1800 607 388 or click > Trade contact



For best results clean all surfaces, to be free of grease, algae etc. Place sealer directly on to the surface you wish to bond/seal.

For bonding where there is movement (expansion & contraction) of different substrates, leave a minimum of 2 mm thickness of bead width between surfaces.

Where there is livestock near the sealer protect from ingestion while curing. Full cure 48 hours, initial tack 2 3 hours.

Can be painted for up to 4 hours, if painting after this time then treat with acetone first.