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Rectangular Plastic Ponds - UV stable

Need a rectangular plastic pond for your water feature or fish to swim around in? These are the sort of ponds that you need. They are usually hard to ship, but we can easily get prices for delivery within 24 hours of your enquiry. The small pond is available for shipping from this link. For the larger ponds, we have several suppliers all over Australia for cheaper freight costs. Please note that some of the designs are changing, this is out of our control, but we know that they are all very strong and are UV stabilised for long lasting strengths.
Rectangular pond
Small Medium Large Super
Outside^ - Length, width, depth - cm. (including lip) 104 x 53 x 31 150 x 75 x 30 180 x 90 x 30 174 x 119 x 60
Inside^ - Length, width, depth - cm. 93 x 43 x 29 140 x 64 x 29 170 x 79 x 29 164 x 107 x 58
Litres capacity 150 270 485 1050
Quality rating Superior Superior Superior Superior
Colour/s available Black Black Black Black
UV stabilised plastic yes yes yes yes
Shelf for marginal plants no no no no
Guarantee - years 20 20 20 20
When Picked up at our shop $189 $249 $319 $770
*Prices are for shop pick up only, because of their bulk they can be costly to ship. But we can ship them, just call and we can get you a quote.
^These dimensions can vary between batches.

*High density Polyethylene