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Reefe Low volt pond pumps - 24 volts
Submersible or In-line pumps - Fresh or Salt water - 700 to 4,000 lph

For Ponds, Fountains, Waterfalls, Marine Aquariums, Industrial etc.

      Pondmate Circulation pond pump - flows of between 700 and 3500

  • TWO year warranty**
  • Removable pre-filter sponge
  • Flow adjustment dial on pump
  • Suitable for In-line use
  • Great reliability
  • ** Including impeller

Optional Spray fountain heads available

Aussie the frog saysBest is our rating for these goods - Says Aussie

Aussie's observations about Low volt Reefe pumps

Suitable for: Pond circulation, waterfalls, fountains streams, filters (in-pond or external)
What was liked: The 2 year warranty on both the pump and impeller. The quality and features are excellent for the price point, very good value for money. The flow adjustment knob is easy to use and on the intake (suction side) of the pump as it should be. Flow adjustment dial on all models
Best of all the reliability for the price has been excellent. This pump sits at the very top end of pumps made in China. The 700 is available in 12 volts, the others are 24 volts, great little pond pumps.
Less than ideal: Nothing for the price point
Other pumps of this type:Oase Aquamax  Aquagarden Mako
In 240 volt >Pondmate Clearpond Infiniti Oase Neptun
Made in China
2 year warranty
RP550 LV RP1100 LV RP1500 LV RP2400 LV RP4000 LV
Max Litres per hour 550 1,100 1,500 2,300 4,000
Head - or zero flow height  1.2m 2.0m 2.0m 2.4m 2.75m
Flow rate at different pumping heights Chart below Chart below Chart below Chart below Chart below
Power usage - watts 10 16 20 40 70
Voltage 12 24 24 24 24
Cord length - Low volt pumps 5m 10m*** 10m*** 10m*** 10m***
Transformer included 12 volt AC 24 volt AC 24 volt AC 24 volt AC 24 volt AC
Length, width, height - Cm 12 x 9 x 9 13 x 9 x 11 13 x 9 x 11 16 x 10 x 12 17 x 12 x 15
Fountain spray heads are optional See
Flow adjustment on pumps yes yes yes yes yes
Salt or Fresh water use Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shaft material Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic
Thermal shut off **** Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Outlet (delivery) thread 10-13mm
push fit
I/2" BSP
1/2" BSP
1/2" BSP
3/4" BSP
Outlet Hose connection - mm 10 & 12.5 12.5 12.5 & 20 12.5 & 20  25
Inlet (suction) thread if used as an in-line pump# No thread 1/2" BSP
1/2" BSP
1" BSP
1" BSP
Inlet Hose connection - if used as an in-line pump - mm 20 20 20 Optional ##
Removable foam pre-filter supplied No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Optional larger foam block filter N/A yes yes yes yes
National warranty - Australia wide
(for more details) impeller - 2 years
2  years 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years
Low voltage - Price
Including AC transformer

240 volt models

Optional spray fountain head kits for pumps on this page, Photo $14 $14 $14 $14 $19
**Optional: Reefe Low voltage extension - 10m $24 each*
*Only one can be used without loss of performance.



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Total shipping per order Only $10 to any Australian Address - Prices Include GST
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Confused about selecting the right pump - use our online help

#Suitable for dry mounting provided the pump is gravity feed (flooded suction). 
**If you need a hose tail of a different size, let us know and we will provide the correct size
****Thermal shut off - If the pump overheats the automatic thermal switch shuts down the pump. This may be caused by lack of water, debris caught in the impeller or many other reasons. Once the thermal switch cools the pump will start again. However, if the cause of the problem is not addressed quickly the pump will stop again, and again and then die.
## No hose tails provided - If you are to be using this pump in-line (dry mounted) tell us what size inlet hose you will be using.

*** Low voltage cable length - Reefe Low Voltage pumps are provided with 10 metres of cable, 2m from the wall plug to the transformer and 8m from the transformer to the pump. However, low voltage cable can simply be extended up to 10m with only slight loss of performance and longer if required. This cable need not be buried or protected, greatly simplifying installation.

Flow rates at different pumping heights - litres per hour

Model @ 0 cm @ 50 cm @1.0m @1.5m @2.0m Head / Shut Off**
RP550LV 550 400 400 - - 1.2m
RP1100LV 1,100 950 700 400 - 2.0m
RP1500LV 1,500 950 700 500 - 2.0 m
RP2400LV 2,300 2,000 1,600 1,150 600 2.4 m
RP4000LV 4,000 3,400 2,700 2,000 1,300 2.75m

**Head / shut off - The higher the water is pumped, the less the flow until the maximum pumping height is reached. It is critical that this is understood, this height is where the water stops flowing.

Spare Parts