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Steve Schamburg's

solar setup

Dear Geoff,

I am glad to report that we have finally completed the solar project for our pond. 

All up it took us about 6 weekends to complete but we are overjoyed with the final result.

A large chunk of the time was taken up designing and constructing a pair of adjustable mounting frames
to maximise exposure all year round.  We also had a couple of false starts which turned out to be the
battery being a bit too small.  A test run with a car battery proved successful and this has now been
replaced with a more suitable sealed deep-cycle battery.

I am happy to report that the pump is starting up at about 5:30am and shutting down about 5:30pm.  As
you can see in the photos, the system is also in close proximity to our observatory, which in future,
may draw on the solar power with the addition of a panel or two.

For your information, the main components of this system include:
- Laguna Powerjet "Free Flo" 9000
- 2 x Unisolar 64W panels (Creative Pumps no longer sells this panel, replaced by a better 60watt)
- Xantrex 150 Inverter
- 44ah SLA Deep-cycle battery
- CP Solar Regulator

I would like to thank your team and particularly yourself for the excellent support and advice offered
during this project.  I hope the attached photos can help others in their solar pond project.

Kind regards,     Steve and Ella

Solar pump near observatory
Solar panels near observatory
Solar pump with fountain running near observatory