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Geoff P - Pond under construction

Pond liner used - Xavan     Filters:  Fishmate 1500UVC & Fishmate 1000 joined in parallel

Filter / stream pump: Laguna Max Flo 11000

Dear Ian,
Thought you might like to see the pond progress in our garden at Courtney Lodge, Pakenham, Victoria.
The pump and the twin filter system are working really well. The water plants have thrived in just a few weeks and the fish make it a growing interest.
Over the next 12 months all the plants in the garden surrounding the creek will no doubt grow and we cant wait to see it as we imagined it to be when first planning the water garden.
Thanks a lot for your assistance, good advice, fast delivery of the equipment and it's all working well. The back flushing capability on the filters is certainly a time saver.
Thanks again.
Regards,     Geoff P......  Parkenham  Vic

Start of stream project

Bottom pond created

Stream created

Plants added

Nearing completion