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Melville & Susanne Quilliam's Pond from Upper Ferntree

3 metres by 3 metres, 600 mm deep

Pond setting up, Holes dug and weir places set. By digging and placing rocks, Melville and Sue started their pond Pond is starting to look a bit more formed
Start of placing of rocks for waterfalls Placing of EPDM pond liner in place, Main ponds and waterfalls, extra drain on pond lower right hand edge to help prevent excess water underminding ponds edges. Pump is placed in bottom pond for continuous water turning over. Hose is going up over first water wall  Setting up of rocks for waterfalls at top and into first pond
The pond has now stones on edge. But it is very murky and Green The pond now has stones alone the area where the waterfalls are. There is also stones alone the pond edge at the bottom. Some plants have now been added but it is still murky in the ponds. Now in the pond is some floating plants, they will help to establish pond bacteria
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