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Photos of customers projects

Please send us your photos*  (even if you did not purchase your equipment from us). Your fountain designs will help others as they struggle to decide how to lay out their own fountains.
*E-mail Jpeg from a digital camera for the web site and/or glossy prints for our notice board in the showroom.
Old style pump

Solar pump panel
Customer:   Peter Webb            Date:  December 2002
City :                    State: South Australia
Pump brand:  Oase        Pump model: Aquasolar 700      LPH: 720
Solar Panel brand: Oase          Panel size:  11Watt

What our customer had to say:
On acting on the advice of the friendly staff at Creative Fountains we purchased the Oase Aquasolar 700 pump and solar panel, It was promptly dispatched during an extremely busy Christmas period and arrived shortly afterwards. The installation is extremely simple and the combination works perfectly for our setup.
The support and service given by the staff at Creative Fountains is second to none, I recommend them to anyone.

Solar panel  bracket and post made by the customer

Pond with rocks

Panel on pole

Panel on pole into sun

Customer:  Don Applebee            Date:  January 2003
City :                    State: South Australia
Pump brand:  Oase        Pump model: Aquasolar 700      LPH: 720
Solar Panel brand: Uni Solar          Panel size:  11Watt

What our customer had to say:
Just a few photos for your interest on my project to mount solar panel. I have made it with an adjustable joint on the upright shaft to change when the winter sun is lower & a bearing swivel joint to rotate to follow sun from approx 9.00 AM to 7.30 PM.
I originally had it on a fixed upright but got less operation once the sun past mid afternoon . Also built fountain , my own design .

Fountain in pond

Customer: Claudine G             Date: May 03
City :                    State: Qld
Pump brand: Oase    Pump model: Aquasolar      LPH: 1500
Solar Panel brand: Uni Solar          Panel size:  22watt
What our customer had to say:
Dear Robert, I am delighted! it looks excellent, and will look even better once the water lilies have surfaced and are blooming. There will be better photos in the future, but thought I would show you this one to start with, cheers, Claudine.
Bucket with hole in it
 Susan & David West           Date: March 06 
City : Adelaide                  State: SA
Pump brand: Smart Solar    Pump model: Lugano      LPH: 440
Solar Panel brand: Uni solar       Panel size: 5w
What our customer had to say: We have had a look at the site and will be thrilled to have our humble effort added to those already there. We used a concrete laundry trough and some old exposed plumbing. I don't like to see the wiring or hoses, so that is all contained 'down the plughole' and out through a 50mm pipe that is plumbed up the back of the feature.

The panel is a 5w unisolar, at 17 degrees facing NW (to get the winter afternoon sun - the calculations say
this is about 95% efficient compared to 35 degrees facing north). The pump is a Lugano and is lifting a 600mm head and has no voltage regulator. It runs consistently from late morning until almost sunset if there is no cloud.

Susan & David West



Link to a 9000 ltr per hour fountain pump, running off 2x 64 watt panels
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City :                    State:
Pump brand:     Pump model:       LPH:
Solar Panel brand:        Panel size:
What our customer had to say: