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Photos of  customers projects

Please send us your photos*  (even if you did not purchase your equipment from us). Your fountain designs will help others as they struggle to decide how to lay out their own fountains.
*E-mail Jpeg from a digital camera for the web site and/or glossy prints for our notice board in the showroom.

Natural pond in gardens
Customer: Lynda             Date:  August 03
City :  Elizabeth       State: SA

Pump: Hozelock  - Titan 8000 .....  LPH: 8000
Hozelock - Bioforce 9000
Pond with fish and plants.
What our customer had to say:
"I was fortunate to have a large pond put in to my front yard, but after several weeks realized that I needed a filter and pump......something to keep the pond clean, and fish healthy.  I discovered Creative Fountains & Pumps on the internet, made a phone call, then collected what I needed.  I was amazed how easy it was to set up the system, even I could do it. And the staff were very helpful, friendly and would recommend them to anyone in need of pond equipment.  Thanks guys."
Lynda B. Elizabeth SA.

Garden pond

Hi Robert,    We completed the renovation of our water feature today using the Nautilus 150 pump that you recommended and delivered to us last week.

We increased the size of the waterfall pipe to 19mm, as suggested, and were very impressed when we fired it up for the first time.

 What a fantastic pump!  Thank you for all your advice and assistance in choosing the right one.

We are very pleased with the result.    Regards, Trish & Janet  Victoria

Front area pond

Customer: Don Mac             Date: December 04 
City :   Udon                Thailand
Pump brand: oase         Pump model:       LPH:
What our customer had to say: Hi Robert,   The water cleared up in two and a half days.  Just shows that the clear water guarantee isnít worth the email it is sent in.  Thanks for sending it over and despite all the trouble it was really worth it as you can see from the pictures.  Most of the creatures in the pond (mostly Thai native freshwater fish) are highly endangered and are very hard to find in the wild.

Just for your info the pond is about 6,000 litres, has about 13-14 sq metres surface area and has about 50-60 fish ranging from 30 cm down to about 6-7 cm as well as turtles, stingrayís and prawns.  The Oase system is certainly well worth the investment and I am very happy with it.

Cheers, Don Mac   Udon Thani 41000, Thailand

Daryls new pond Customer:   Darryl A           Date:  Feb 05
City :                    State:
Pump brand:          Pump model:       LPH:
What our customer had to say:
Pond with shower fountain
Walk way around pond Customer: Rob J             Date:  December 04
City :         State: ACT
Pump: Blagdon Torrent 8000
Filter: Blagdon Cyclone
10000 -UVC
What our customer had to say:
Gazebo near pond and walkwayPond lights at night
Creek with little bridge
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