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Help us to help you - answer as many questions as accurately as you can

  • For ease of use please answer questions in order of appearance.
  • Depending on what choices are made, irrelevant questions will become disabled.
  • If you have two separate ponds, please submit two forms, if you have two combined ponds, please call 1800 607 388 for assistance.

In a nut shell, what is your project? (You can be brief as all technical questions are asked below)

After going through our web site (very important)
Do you have in mind specific equipment that you think will do the job, or any preference toward a particular brand? If you do please list them below so we can confirm suitability.

Section 1. General critical questions

Equipment Voltage
If available, what voltage would you prefer to have?
(Please note that UV clarifiers are only available in 240 volt)
Please click on one of the choices below
240 volt mains power
Solar power
Low voltage - 12 or 24 volt, transformer supplied
Is the power cord length critical?
*Most pumps have either 3m, 5m or 10m cables
Yes* No *Must be at least m
Quality required
This question is very important as we have many choices in almost every product area.
Please click on one of the choices below
Budget Middle Very Good Best
Litres in pond (only if certain)   litres
Otherwise enter measurements in metres.
For round ponds enter the diameter in both the length and width fields

Enter values as decimals eg 500mm = 0.5m, 250cm = 2.5m

Enter values as decimals
eg 500mm = 0.5m, 250cm = 2.5m
Length m (do not enter mm)
Width m
Depth m

Check the button that best describes your pond shape

Rectangular Triangular Circular Irregular
Check the button that best describes the side angle of the pond Vertical Steep Middle Gradual

Section 2. Pond Feature

For streams, what are the dimensions of the stream bed? m
Length X Width X Depth
How high above water level is the top of the feature? m
Flow at the top of the feature, two choices.
1) You can ignore the next two questions, this means that the environmental flow (the litres per hour through the filter that is required to keep your pond healthy) will be used to flow over the top of the feature,
2) Or tell us how much flow you require at the top by either filling in the litres per hour or width and thickness of water.
How much water flow do you want over the top of the feature?
Consider a garden hose at 3/4 strength produces about 1000 litres per hour.
Would you want:
Half a garden hose = 500 litres per hour
Three garden hoses = 3000 litres per hour, etc.
For more help with this critical question click here
litres per hour
If you can not work out the flow, fill in the dimensions.
1mm thickness is considered gentle.
4mm thickness is considered aggressive.
How wide is the head or top of the feature?
How thick do you want the water over the top?
Approximately what length of hose will be between the feature pump and the top of the feature? m

Section 3. Contact Details

First name*
Last name*
Australian state (we do not export)*  
Your E-mail address*
Day Phone*
Fax number
After hours phone*
Best hours of the day to contact you by phone*


Any additional thoughts that have come to mind that would assist us with our price quote?

Please let us know if you had any difficulties understanding and filling out this form. Your feedback is important to us to help improve this form for others.

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