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Through pond fitting for electrical cable or water

Oase Tradux Hoses or cables running over the edge of a pond can spoil the ponds appearance.

The Tradux set makes an underwater exit for your pump's electrical cable or hose** easy (not both at once, only one or the other). Tradux kit can be used on PVC, EPDM, Xavan, Butyl pond liner, any preformed plastic or fibreglass ponds or any material up to 12mm in thickmess.

The screw couplings allow the Tradux connector to be easily fitted and produce a secure and clean seal. The rubber gasket ensures a watertight seal.

Use with the following hose sizes:
 12.5, 20, 25, 32, 38, or 50mm**.

Oase Tradux Fitting -$99

Underwater exit for electrical cable or hose
  • Electrical cable (round 3 core)
  • Hose in sizes from 12.5 to 50mm**
  • Maximum material thickness 12mm

**Also see Hansen fittings for hose through
 a pond wall, thicknesses up to 400mm




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Breakdown of Tradux Used to carry electrilal cables
Cut thru of electrical cable in wall Oase Tradux when used to carry water thru walls

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