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Oase Logo Oase Solar Pumps - Made in Germany

Oase Aquarius - Solar Pumps
For waterfalls, streams and fountains etc.

 Oase Aqua solar pond pump  oase aquasolar pump set up
Water outlet can be a spray fountain head,
a small waterfall or as shown above.

Using the latest brushless motor technology
  • Cost-free running from solar energy.
  • Pumping from dawn to dusk
  • The ecological alternative
  • Choice of solar panels
  • Supplied with 5 metre power cable
  • Comes with 3 different spray nozzle patterns
Using the sun represents the environmentally friendly alternative.  Sunlight as an energy source enables operation at zero running costs through the use of solar energy. Independent of mains electricity supply, once connected to a solar panel these pumps work wherever there is sunlight.

German quality - Oase Aquarius are the most reliable pumps on the market today

Aussie saysSuperior - This is our rating for Oase equipments

Aussie's observations

Suitable for: Any solar application, where water is to be moved up to 1,500 lph
What we liked: Everything, the easy to use flow adjustment, quality of construction you would expect from Oase. Flow control switch on the pump.
Less than ideal: Nothing, the best pumps in their size range.
Possible drawbacks: none
Other pumps of this type: Creative Solarever

 Made in Germany
Aquarius Solar
Aquarius Solar
Dimensions (mm) L, W, H. 215 x 130 x 134 215 x 130 x 134
Voltage 12 V DC  12 V DC
Power Consumption ( Watt) 8 17
Minimum panel required to run these pumps - Watts 10 20
Turnover rate max (l/h) 700 1,500
Head of water max (m) 2.0m 3.0m
Hose Connections 1/2" 1/2"
Strainer Surface (cm2)  825  825
Weight (kg) 1.5 2
Connection Cable (m) 5 5
Guarantee 3 + 2 = 5 years 3 + 2 = 5 years
(Prices - Aus $ Including GST
Pump only
$379 $479
Oase Pump and Suntech panel
(Made in China)
10 watt panel details 20 watt panel details
Oase 700 with 10 watt panel

Not ideal for low sun area`s

Oase 1500 with 20 watt panel
Oase Pump and Suntech Panels
** Higher the panel wattage gives better performance
Oase 700 with 20 watt panel**
Oase 1500 with 40 watt panel**



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Cofused about selecting the correct solar pond pumps?

Aussie tips
Tip:  1) To improve pump performance, consider a larger panel and hence higher wattage, or hook up two panels in parallel.
    A larger panel will start the pump earlier, keep it running longer and in clouds improve performance.

Solar panels - Suntech

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Aquarius (nautilus) Solar 700/1500 comparison pump performance

Oase Nautilus solar pond pump chart
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