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Oase Logo - Aquamax ExpertOase "Aquamax Expert - Profimax"Waterfall, stream & feature pump

The Oase AquaMax Expert range of pumps are ideal for large water courses, water falls and streams. These top class filtration and watercourse pumps get any amount of water moving. The Oase Aquamax Expert pumps - formerly called the Profimax series pumps, are extremley reliable. They feature a 5 year warranty on the motors. They have outstanding displacement capacity. Course debris particles up to 8 mm in size are displaced with no loss of flows.Oase Aquamax Expert - formerly Profimax waterfall pump

Aussie says
Superior - This is our rating for these pumps.

Aussie's observations about Oase Aquamax Expert pumps

Suitable for: Waterfalls, Streams, Filters and pond circulation
What we liked: Everything. The features and attention to detail is superb. Very energy efficient.
Possible drawbacks: None
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  • Energy efficient motors - Lower running costs
  • Lowest possible maintenance - No filter foam to clean, the housing acts as a filter
  • Tested for over 30,000 hours continuous operation
  • Unique impeller, virtually clog free
Made in Germany Aquamax Expert
Aquamax Expert
Aquamax Expert
Max Litres per hour 20,000 30,000 40,000
Head - or zero flow height  8.0m 8.5m 10.0m
Power usage - Watts 450 650 1,100
Length x width x height (cm) 42 x 24 x 27 42 x 24 x 27 46 x 26 x 30
Solids handling range 0 - 8mm 0 - 8mm 0 - 8mm
In-Line use (dry* or wet mounted) *Provided the pump is gravity feed. Yes Yes Yes
Length power cord 10 m 10 m 10 m
Outlet (Discharge) - Male thread 2" BSP 2" BSP 2" BSP
Outlet Hose tails provided 32, 38 & 50mm 32, 38 & 50mm 32, 38 & 50mm
If used in-line (dry mounted) Threaded female inlet 2" BSP 2" BSP 2" BSP
If used in-line  - Hose tails provided 32, 38 & 50mm 32, 38 & 50mm 32, 38 & 50mm
More pump information More info More info More info
National Guarantee 1 year on impellers 5 years 5 years 5 years
Prices - Aus $ Including GST $2,276 $2,674 $3,586



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Aquamax Expert - formerly Profimax is an ideal pump for waterfalls, streams or pond circulation, when used with or without gravity or pressure filters.

The specially designed impeller, allows debris and solids up to 8mm to pass through en route to the filter system. The strainer is simple to disassemble and to clean, neither pump nor hose need to be dismantled. With a life expectancy about 10 times longer, and up to a 75% savings on running cost over most pumps, there is no doubt that Profimax is a superb pump.

Oase pumps are without doubt the finest pumps available in Australia for a given project, the cost of these Germany made pumps may be a little higher, but worth every cent. The practical design along with quality and range of accessories is second to none.

Flow rates at different pumping heights - litres per hour

Model @ 0cm @2.0m @4.0m @6.0m @8.0m @10.0m Head / Shut Off**
20000 20,000 17,400 13,500 7,500 0 - 8.0m
30000 30,000 25,500 19,800 12,900 3,000 - 8.5m
40000 40,000 36,000 30,000 22,500 12,600 0 10.0m
**Head / shut off - The higher the water is pumped, the less the flow until the maximum pumping height is reached. It is critical that this is understood, this height is where the water stops flowing.