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Aeration Equipment
The solution from Oase

Plants produce oxygen during the day, but consume it during the night, especially just before dawn. Therefore the survival of breathing organisms and especially fish is particularly endangered at this time. Also many other factors such as heat effect the oxygen level in the water.


For 1/2" BSP thread pumps

oase schaumsprudler aerater nozzle, 1/2 Schaumsprudler 22.5 K

Oase - 1/2" Aerater nozzle
 Schaumsprudler  22-5K $89

For pumps with a 1/2" discharge thread, such as Neptun
 Can be installed either below or above water level. Can also be used with an optional extension kit that attaches between the pump and nozzle, available in both fixed length or telescopic. 1" Extension details.

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For Oase pumps with 1" & 11/2"BSP thread

oase aerator schaumsprudler 35-10e

1" Aerator nozzle - Schaumsprudler  35-10e $319
1" Aerator nozzle - Schaumsprudler 55-10e $587
  1 1/2" Aerator nozzle - Schaumsprudler 55-15e $699
A stainless steel nozzle for pumps with a 1" discharge thread, such as Neptun pumps It can be installed either below or above water level.

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