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Oase Logo Oase  "Nautilus" Fountain pump

Submersible pump ....  For Fountains, Ponds, Waterfalls Etc 

Without doubt the very best pond / waterfall pump we have ever seen - fantastic
  Replaced by Aquarius pumps
Special filter wings can be detached from the pump, and placed close to the ponds edge, and therefore easy to reach and control.
Oase Nautilus pumps

For years at OASE, the name Nautilus has stood for quality, power and reliability.
For the all new Nautilus stands for a fountain pump with a state-of-the-art design from top to bottom, with unique, patent pending features, unrivalled reliability and for quality, MADE IN GERMAN

New Feature one: New filter wings when opened on the pump increase the pumps intake surface area substantially therefore extending the times between cleaning. This can literally means years before it needs to be cleaned, almost set and forget! The filter wings can also be detached from the pump, docked onto an accessory part (included standard with the product) and placed close to the ponds edge, and therefore easy to reach and control. This means no more climbing into the pond as regulating the flow and fountain height as well as cleaning the intake, is now possible from the waters edge!

New feature two: The telescopic fountain stem can be swivelled in any direction up to15 to guarantee that the nozzle alignment is always vertical regardless of the uneven pond bottom.

New feature three Easy Selection: The model numbers indicate the height of the fountain produced using an OASE Vulcan fountain head which is included with the pump. The Nautilus 80 will produce a fountain spray 50cm high and the Nautilus 450 will produce a fountain 4.5metres high!

Aussie says
Superior is this rating  

Aussie's observations
Suitable for: fountains, ponds and waterfalls
What we liked: Everything. The features and attention to detail is superb, the best all round pump we have ever seen.
5 year warranty on everything including* the impeller.  *No other company offers such an impeller warranty to our knowledge
Less than ideal: Nothing, it must be the perfect pump for fountains, ponds & spillways. A completely versatile pump
Other pumps  of this type:   Pondmate    
  • Fountain pump with waterfall take off tee
  • Pump with a high head height
  • Pump with remote pond side control
  • No foam sponge therefore little to no cleaning
  • New filter wings to eliminate the need for cleaning even further
  • Option for remote pond edge control (included)
  • Built in bracket to house underwater light
  • 5 year guarantee

Made in Germany
5 year Warranty
Nautilus 200 Nautilus 250 Nautilus 400
Max Litres per hour 4,000 6,000 10,000
Head - or zero flow height  3.5m 4.5m 7.0m
O.K for use without fountain heads Yes Yes Yes
Flow rate at different head heights Chart below Chart below Chart below

Power usage - watts / Annual running cost  24/7*

65 / $78 110 / $132 260 / $312
In-Line use (dry* or wet mounted) *If the water is gravity feed to the pump Yes Yes Yes
Length, width, height - mm 280 x 230 x 200 280 x 230 x 200 280 x 230 x 200
Fountain nozzles included Vulkan
 3 tier Spray
 3 tier Spray
 3 tier Spray
Telescopic nozzle extension Yes Yes Yes
Power Cord length 10 m 10 m 10 m
Flow adjustment on fountain head Yes Yes Yes
Flow adjustment on Filter / Waterfall Yes Yes Yes
Hose tail for waterfall or filter, when the fountain head is being used 12.5 to 25mm 12.5 to 25mm 12.5 to 25mm
Hose tail for waterfall or filter, when the fountain head is not being used 20 to 40mm 25 to 40mm 25 to 40mm
Intake hose tail when using the pump with filter wings, skimmer or pre filter. 32 or 40mm 32 or 40mm 32 or 40mm
Thermal shut off** Yes Yes Yes
National Guarantee  Aust wide, 5 years 5 years 5 years

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Tasmania ponds

Hi Trevor,

 We completed the renovation of our water feature today using the Nautilus 150 pump that you recommended and delivered to us last week.

We increased the size of the waterfall pipe to 19mm, as suggested, and were very impressed when we fired it up for the first time.

 What a fantastic pump!  Thank you for all your advice and assistance in choosing the right one. We are very pleased with the result.    Regards, Trish & Janet

Flow rates at different pumping heights - litres per hour

Model @ 0cm @1.0m @1.5m @2.0m @3.0m @5.0m Head / Shut Off**
80 1,000 720   - - - 1.8m
110 1,500 1,100 650 - - - 2.0m
200 4,000 2,900 2,400 1,800 600 - 3.5m
250 6,000 5,300 4,000 3,300 1,950 - 4.5m
350 8,000 7,200 6,600 6,000 4,800 - 5.0m
400 10,000 8,900 8,400 7,800 6,40 3,600 7.0m
450 12,000 10,200 9,500 8,800 8,000 4,500 7.5m
**Head / shut off - The higher the water is pumped, the less the flow until the maximum pumping height is reached. It is critical that this is understood, this height is where the water stops flowing.
Nozzle performance Vulkan - 3 Tier Lava (Mushroom) Magma
Model Diameter - cm Height -cm Diameter - cm Height -cm Diameter - cm Height -cm
80 80 80 40 Depends on the height that you set the telescopic stem 140 70
110 100 110 40 200 100
200 160 200 - - - -
250 250 250 - - - -
350 200 350 - - - -
400 220 400 - - - -
450 250 450 -   - -

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