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Oase logoOase Lunaqua 10 Installation - How to correctly put the lights together

Oase Lunaqua garden light with spike

Garden Spike:

The garden spike is part of the complete package and measures about 23 cm.
The lamp is simple to attach and can easily be rotated around its own bracket.

Oase Lunaqua light with swivel brackets


Once the lamp is set to focus on the chosen object, it can be tightened in place using the fixing screw. The bracket allows for a 180 degree swivel range.

Oase underwater transformer

Connection to the Transformer:

Up to 4 of the 35 Watt halogen lamps can be connected to the underwater transformer. The unique plug/coupling system allows for quick assembly and disassembly.

Oase Lunaqua connection to the lamp

Connection to the lamp:

The connection to the lamp is accomplished by means of the plug/coupling system as well. After making the plug-in connection, tighten the Phillips screws and the system is ready for operation.

Oase underwater spotlight

Underwater Spotlight:

Lunaqua 10 is designed so it can be used as an underwater spotlight. Due to the cooling effect of the surrounding water, halogen lamps up to 75 Watts may be used.

Oase Lunaqua spot light in the garden

Garden Illumination:

Lunaqua 10 also offers itself as attractive garden illumination. Using the varying length cables it is possible to cover a radius of up to 15Ms with just a single transformer.

Oase Lunaqua lights are fitted with special glass

Special Glass:

On its inside, the special safety glass features a structured surface which breaks the light and helps produce a warm, gentle and pleasant effect.

Oase Lunaqua lights are easy to change

Lamps and their Exchange:

There is a choice of three different lamps: 35 watt and 50 watt for operation above and under water; in addition, there is the 75 watt size for operation under water only. Exchanging the halogen lamps can be done easily and quickly.