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Oase logoUnderwater & Garden spot lights

Oase underwater and garden spot lights
Lighting changes the mood and feel of any pond, waterfall or garden.
Light reflecting on the water is always fascinating.

Oase logoLunaqua 10 spot light  .. 35, 50, 75watt - 12 volt

Oase Lunaqua spot light
  • 24 degree beam angle
Up to 4 lights per transformer
Choice of bulbs: 35, 50 or 75 watt (150 watt maximum per transformer)
**Bulb selection
As the bulb is not included, you have can make your choice

For use above ground or underwater:
35 watt halogen or
50 watt halogen

For use underwater only:
75 watt halogen
2 year Warranty
A superbly designed light system from Germany. The light can be used underwater in a garden pond or professional fountains, or above ground as garden or commercial illumination.

Up to 4 spotlights can be connected to the special Oase matching 12 volt Safety Transformer by using special plug-in connectors. Because this transformer can be installed under water it is possible to bridge long distance between the mains supply and the transformer using conventional cables. This same transformer can be used for other Oase 12 volt items such as a pump, floating lights & floating fountain.

Lunaqua 10 is a spotlight made of shockproof plastic. With an angled glass lens cover together with the aluminium reflector  optimal light efficiency is achieved.

An swivel bracket allows the spotlight to be turned up to 180 when fixed to a firm base or wall. A spike for either the pond bottom or garden is supplied. Optional connection cables of different lengths are equipped with special plugs which can be directly connected to the lamp housing and the transformer. Bulb not included, choice of 35, 50 or 75watt.

Assembly photos
Technical details

Lunaqua 10 Waterproof spot light $249.00* each. Plus cable, bulb & transformer (see below)

Accessories (sold separately)
Special connection cable - with Oase plugs on both ends.
No 54305   2.5m cable $75.00*
No 54306   5.0m cable  $85.00*
No 54307   7.5m cable  $90.00*
Your choice of halogen bulbs** 

No 54035   35 watt bulbs  $8*
No 54036   50 watt bulbs $8*
No 54037   75 watt bulbs $8*



Oase logo UST 150 Pond Transformer (Underwater or Dry installation)

Oase underwater transformer
Oase underwater plug connector

Oase Lunaqua spot light

The heart of the Oase 12 volt pond system. The UST 150 is completely waterproof and can sit on the bottom of the pond.

Any Oase 12 volt pump, spot light, floating light, floating fountain etc, can be connected to this transformer. (maximum of 4 plugs)

For underwater or above ground:
12 volt, 20 watt halogen
12 volt, 35 watt halogen
12 volt, 50 watt halogen

For use under water only:

12 volt, 75 watt halogen (For heat generated)

Underwater** transformer with 4 couplings for connection of any 12 volt Oase pond product up to a total combination of 150 watts   **Can also be used in a dry installation

Price: $269.00

Primary Current: 230 V/50 Hz
Secondary Current: 12 Volt
Power Draw: 150 VA
Maximum wattage of accessories 150 watts
Length of Cable: 10 metres
Length, width, height (mm) 150 x 130 x 90
Weight: 4.5kg
Made in Germany