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oase logo Oase Pond Jet

For Medium / large Ponds & Commercial applications

Oase Pondjet is ideal for ponds from about 50 square metres. Underwater lights can be installed directly onto the fountain base. Your garden pond will come alive with the lights turned on at night. The Oase Pond jet also can be used with several different types of nozzles giving several different spray patterns.
Oase Floating Pond Jet Fountain  Oase pondjet floating
Oase Pond jet with lights fitted
Out of water

Light set for fountain
Optional Oase Light kit
drawing of pump
Sizes in mm
Shown with optional lights
Minimum water depth - 0.45 m with lights .65m

The Pond Jet is powered by the Oase Atlantis Pump incorporating the time tested Asynchronous Technology. The unique floating system allows the pump to remain just below the surface where the water is free from most debris. Changing water depth, uneven pond floor and many other problems are virtually eliminated.
The Pond Jet is delivered requiring some assembly, pump motor and mounting bracket are to be attached the the float. Then simply float the unit into the pond and turn it on.
In addition to the beauty of the spray, your pond is also being aerated, adding much needed oxygen to the pond.
The Pond Jet comes standard with an Arch Nozzle (as shown above) which is spectacular when illuminated at night. See details of the optional 3 Light Set to create perfect illumination of the water feature.
In addition the Pond Jet is equipped with a grounding mechanism to provide maximum safety, meeting all National Electrical Code requirements.

Not for use in swimming pools or salt water.

  • Oil-free - eliminates the risk of contamination to aquatic life
  • Delivered in cartons with instructions for easy assembly onsite. Contents include pump mot and bracket, plus lights if purchased, the fountain just plugs into any approved 240 Volt outlet.
  • 3 year guarantee
Aussie saysSuperior - This is our ratings for these items

Aussie's observations

Suitable for: Any pond aeration, particularly for large ponds, dams or lakes where water has to be actively circulated to help break down algae outbreaks.
What we liked: The floats can be installed with different types of nozzles, it can be changed from being a working fountain to a feature fountain, great for those summer parties. Lights can be installed later as well. Typical Oase quality, second to none.
Possible drawbacks: Price, but as we at Creative Pumps have recently found, the Chinese product has not lasted anything more than 6 months. This is a better option for a reliable equipment, German made and from the home of Oase.
Other Aerators of this type: Oase Air Flo large Aerators
Made in Germany Pond Jet
Maximum turnover per hour - Litres per hour 12,000
Size - (Height x Diam) cm 54 x 67 cm
Minimum operating depth cm 0.45 / 0.65 with lights
Minimum suitable pond size - approximate - allow for wind. 50 m.  7 x 7 metres
Maximum spray height with standard supplied nozzle (approx) 3.5 m
Maximum spray width with standard supplied nozzle (approx) 3.0 m
Pump power - watts 270 w
Voltage 230 volts
Power cable length - metres 20 m
Weight 9.0 kg
National Warranty - Aust wide 3 years
Price - $ incl GST $2,485
Oase illumination set of 3 lights including transformer to suit pond jet $1,475



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Lights - sold separately
Oase offer a light kit for the Pond Jet. The complete kit consists of 3 Oase Lunaqua 10, 50 watt lights connected to a 12 volt Oase UTS 150  underwater transformer that attaches to the Pond Jet with a special  stainless steel cage / brackets.
A 20m cable is attached to the transformer, to match the cable length of the pump.
Optional Fountain nozzles - sold seperately
The unit is supplied with a standard nozzle (as shown top left photos), however, Oase has many other optional choices, allowing spray pattern changes from time to time.
See the range of 1" nozzles available
35-10e Schaumsprudler nozzle
 35-10E $319
19-3T Vulkan
Vulkan 19-3T
Oase Vulkan 43-3T nozzle
Vulkan  43-3T
Oase Vulkan 37-2.5K
Vulkan 37-2.5K
Single Lance jet nozzleSingle column
(For more information and photos)
12mm Lance nozzle
(Water height 4m)
$225 14mm Lance nozzle
(Water height 3m)