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oase Oase Air Flo Aeration - Lake Management Aerators - made in German

For Large Ponds & Commercial applications

Oase AirFlo fountain Oase Air flo with lights Oase Midi Fountain

Shown with standard nozzle (other optional nozzles available)

Air Flo LM sets new standards in the areas of lake aeration and decoration: The axial propeller technology ensures impressive and unequalled water flow rates of up to 295,000 l/h Ė for an optimal apply of oxygen to the lake.

The three decorative, voluminous water patterns can easily be changed. Wholly, in keeping with the OASE PlugíníSpray principle, the Air Flo LM is particularly easy to install: Thanks to the bayonet technology the foamed float can be placed easily on the motor housing and screwed in place.

In addition it is possible to integrate up to nine lights thanks to an innovative stainless steel connector system.

Pump float outletCable set for Oase aeratorPump cage, stainless steel around Oase Airflo
  • Axial propeller technology for maximum water flow rates
  • 3 different images bulky water type "Trumpet"
  • Easy installation and maintenance by bayonet-technology
  • Foamed Float for exceptional stability
  • Stainless steel strainer with attachment
  • Additional lighting kit with innovative stainless steel holder

Aussie says
Superior - The Superior quality of these goods from Oase

Aussie's observations about Oase Airflo Aerators

Suitable for: Any pond or lake requiring aeration, particularly for large ponds, dams or lakes where water has to be actively circulated to help break down algae outbreaks.
What we liked: The floats can be installed with different types of nozzles, it can be changed from being a working fountain to a feature fountain, great for those summer parties. Lights can be installed later as well. Typical Oase quality, second to none.
Possible drawbacks: Price, but as we at Creative Pumps have recently found, the Chinese product has not lasted anything more than 6 months. This is a better option for a reliable equipment, German made and from the home of Oase.
Other Aerators of this type: Oase Pond Jet

Made in Germany

Air Flo
1.5 Kw
Single phase
4.0 Kw
Three phase
Maximum turnover per hour 165,000 39,000
Suitable pond size - Approximate  Chart Chart
Size (Height x Diam) 70 x 115 cm 145 x 105 cm
Minimum operating depth 0.9 metres 1.15 metres
Maximum suction depth 4 metres 5 metres
Minimum pond / dam / lake size 100 m≤ 500 m≤
Maximum recommended pond / dam /lake size 5,000 m≤ 15,000 m≤
Pump power (kw) 1.5 Kw 4.0 Kw
Nominal Current (in Amperes) 10.2 Amp 9.6 Amp
Voltage 230 v / 50Hz 400 v / 50Hz
Power cable length 50 metres 50 metres
Weight 40 Kg 105 Kg
National Warranty - Aust wide 2 years 2 years
Prices - Australian $ including GST $7,298 $11,400
Oase illumination set of 3 lights to suit Air Flo $2,198 $2,198



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