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Oase Proficlear Module 5

Phosphate Binder Module

Oase Proficlear M5 The Proficlear M5 phosphate binder module converts nitrate into gaseous nitrogen (de-nitrification) and eliminates phosphates.
  • A majority of the volume passes by the filter foam. (13) In the process an oxygen-deficient area forms inside the foam, which is so important for the de-nitrification bacteria.
  • By-pass regulating in the foam prevents clogging so that this filter medium is
    maintenance free.
  • The lesser portion of the flow volume is channelled through Phosless inserts (14).
  • Binders ensure quick and safe phosphate removal.
  • Removal of these nutrients in particular visibly limits growth of string algae.
  • The pollutant level indicator signals (15) the need for service.


Oase M5 Gravity pond proficlear pond filtration


Dimensions in mm (LxWxH) 800 x600 x800
Number of filter columns
Size of inlets 1xDN 100/DN 150 + 2 x 50 mm
Size of outlets 1x DN 100/DN 150
Max. flow rate in l/h 12500
Diameter of pollutant discharge DN 50
Housing material High-quality duroplastic
Guarantee (+ request guarantee) 2 + 1 = 3 years

Pollutant discharge including slide valve.