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Oase Proficlear Module 2

Coarse Debris Extractor

Oase Proficlear M2 The Proficlear M2 coarse debris extractor enables simple and safe extraction of solids to a size of 300 microns.
  • Incoming water is fed via two large-surface extraction sieves (3) into the next filterchamber.
  • By pulling the slide valve (4) pollutants leave the system via a DN 50 pollutant discharge. This process is supported by rinsing nozzles.
  • The extraction sieves are easily cleaned when required. The surfaces can be cleaned in no time by interior and exterior brushes. Simply twist the cleaning handle (5) to clean.
  • The pollutant level indicator signals (6) the need for service.


Oase Proficlear m2 filter dimensions


Dimensions in mm (LxWxH) 800 x600 x800
Number of sieves 2
Size of inlets 1xDN 100/DN 150 + 2 x 50 mm
Size of outlets 1x DN 100/DN 150
Max. flow rate in l/h 12500
Diameter of pollutant discharge DN 50
Housing material High-quality duroplastic
Guarantee (+ request guarantee) 2 + 1 = 3 years

Pollutant discharge including slide valve.