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Biotec 12, 18 and Biotec 36

Oase Screenmatic pond filterOase Screenmatic pond filters - Creative Pumps 1800 607 388Biotec 12, 18 and 36 OASE have once again set new standards for filter implementation in garden ponds. Simple operation, fast, clean maintenance, and an outstanding filtration result are the unique features of the new Biotec filters.

Mechanical cleaning

A specially designed sieve, the “Screenex”, retains all debris particles up to a size of 100 micron, which are pumped into the filter. After the water flows back through a special mat where it is enriched with oxygen, it falls into the chamber below, flows through the filter zones, and then reaches the next filter chamber (“Individual chamber”).

Creative Frogs?Biological Cleaning
The nitrosomonas and nitro bacter bacteria present in the pond water settle and multiply in the oxygen rich filter zones (blue sponges) and in the oxygen poorer zones (red sponges and individual chamber). In various biological processes they convert toxic ammonium/ammonia via nitrite to nitrate and finally to gaseous nitrogen. The individual chamber situated just in front of the outlet, is called “individual” because every consumer has the choice, which filter material to insert (i.e. OASE Phosless). The chamber is equipped as standard with Zeolite.

Long service life
With the Screenex filter process happening prior to the actual filtration, so many coarse particles are removed from circulation that only lightly polluted water actually reaches the filter sponges. This makes a longer than average cleaning interval possible.

Unparalleled opportunities:

  • The new flow through filters Biotec 12, 18 and 36 are particularly characterized by the newly developed, patent-applied-for, “Screenex” system, which eliminates coarse pollutants up to 100µ (0.1mm) from circulation before they reach the filter foams.

  • A flow regulator situated just above the water distributor allows the manual adjustment of the flow rate as well as the flow speed of the water reaching the Screenex.

  • Retained dirt particles can be washed off the Screenex by opening the flow regulator shortly. Dirty water can escape through the drain next to the Screenex.

  • The Oase screenex waste catcherThe Screenex can be folded upwards at a 90° angle to allow free access to the filter foams.

  • An electronic indicator shows if cleaning is required.

  • It is no longer necessary to remove the filter foams from the filter for cleaning. The special tool, supplied with the filter, allows the sponges to be cleaned directly in the filter.

  • Oase Screenmatic discharge leverBiotec 18 is equipped with a 50 mm sludge drain. The drain can be opened by moving a slide on the inside of the filter.

  • The new Biotec filters have a so-called individual chamber, which is filled as standard with Zeolite. However, as the name indicates, the use of other filter media such as OASE Phosless is possible.

  • The filter can be recessed into the ground up to 2/3 of its height to integrate it nicely into the landscape surrounding the pond.

  • Biotec 36 is equipped with a relatively larger Screenex and a sludge drain which can opened via an internal slide.