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Oase Filtoskim
Unit in opperation in pond
Installation diagram

Modern filter systems are characterised by a high degree of functionality, ideal integration in the pond landscape, and maximum effectiveness. The energy requirements of the system are just as important. This is where Oase sets new standards with the innovative multifunction Profi skim system.

The water that will be filtered is drawn into the filter (skimmed) via the inlet flap. Different filter materials ensure biological and mechanical water clarification. The integrated pump moves the cleaned water back into the pond below the water surface.

  • Skimmer function - Water that must be cleaned is fed into the filter media via a skimmer. In the closed pond system, sealed via liner or basin, all nutrients such as falling leaves or pollen get into the pond ecosystem via the surface. A surface vacuum (skimmer) immediately retains these pollutants and channels them to the cleaning process in the filter, or they can be simply removed from the edge of the pond mechanically.
  • Integration - Filter systems should ideally adapt themselves to the landscape. The Oase Filtoskim is recessed into the ground a the edge of the pond and thus maintains and undisturbed view of the pond.
  • Filtration - A wide variety of filter materials ensure clean water biologically as well as mechanically.
  • Circulation - The pump is the heart of every filtration system. Frequently the pump is installed in the pond and connected to the filter with a hose. This is not necessary with Filtoskim. The pump sits in the filter an ensures adequate water flow.
  • UVC Clarification - UVC clarifies are used very successfully for safe and fast elimination of suspended substances such as cell algae. The Filtoskim has a UVC clarifier that can be integrated optimally in the filter.
  • Energy Efficiency - All Filtoskim components, such as pump, UVC, or filter media, are operated on or under the water level of the pond. This results in only very slight pressure differences or friction losses, and a clear improvement in the energy efficiency of the pumps.
  • Pond Flow-Through - Cleaned water also exits the filter below the water surface. The power of the pump is used to achieve an ideal water exchange though flow optimisation.
  • Service Friendly - If you would like to take the pump 'inside' for the winter, or if you want to change the UVC bulb after its service life of 8000 hours, then you should have easy access to the devices. With Filtoskim Oase offers a filter solution that makes it possible to perform all service tasks from the edge of the pool.
  • Fast Cleaning - Connecting to a pressure line removes the debris from the Filtoskim via an injector.
  • Coarse Debris Removal - To quickly remove coarse debris simply take out the collecting tank and empty it.

Aussie says
Superior is our rating

Aussie's observations

Suitable for: Ponds which have a high leaf entry. The skimmer feature acts just like a pool skimmer.
What we liked: Oase quality is as always second to none.
Possible drawbacks:  Needs to be installed before the pond is built
Other filters of this type:  None

Made in Germany

Suitable for ponds with light/med fish stocking max 6,000 ltrs
Suitable for decorative ponds (no fish) max 12,000 ltrs
Size cm (LxWxH) - mm 580 x 380 x 580
Pump Power consumption 35 watt
Width of skimmer opening 220mm
Inlets Skimmer flap
Pump capacity 4000 lph
Volume coarse debris filter basket 5 litres
Filter foam volume 30 litres
Integrated UVC clarifier output 11 watt
Power cable length 10m
Voltage AC 230v / 50Hz
National Warranty - Aust wide 3 years

 (Prices - Australian $ including GST)


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