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Oase Asynchronous motor
Asynchronous motors

This category includes all pumps in the Nautilus, Aquamax and Promax ranges. These silent running, heavy duty units have a copper rotor enclosed in a stainless steel housing, with shaft and bearings made of wear resistant oxide ceramic. The robust units are designed for a long, trouble free life. Asynchronous motors can be regulated by means of Speed Controller.

Motor housing with split shaft. (Made of stainless steel.)
Thanks to this construction, the electrical parts are safely separated from the mechanical part. In addition, the electrical parts are sealed with artificial resin, which guarantees maximum safety. Dynamic seals are not used, giving silent running with no wear!

The rotor.
The copper rotor is enclosed in a housing made of stainless steel and mounted on a ceramic shaft. Both are lubricated by the pumped water, meaning that no oil is required, thanks to its proven split shaft technology.

The Bearings.
As well as the rotor shaft are made of wear-resistant oxide ceramic.

The Impeller.
With flow-adapted blades. High turnover rate, yet at the same time frictionless and silent running.

The Pump Housing.

Is flow - adapted and made of high-quality plastic.

The Strainer Basket.
Which surrounds the pump can be opened easily, and it also prevents large particles entering the motor.

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