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Oase Logo - Creative Pumps are your first choice in Australia Oase Aquamax ECO Twin - With remote control

20,000 & 27,000 litres per hour - formerly Oase Promax

Oase Aquamax Eco Twin pond pumps
Long back yard stream with Oase Aquamax Eco twin in use
Oase pond drawingOase Aquamax twin Eco with top of cage removedTop view of pump Creeck with drop down features
A stream and pond built by a customer in Belconnen  ACT - Equipment used ...
 Promax 30000, Biotec 30 with Bitron 72 UVC.  The stream and pond is
18m long containing  about 18,000 litres

Two separate motors with radio remote control -

With two inlets you can even use a skimmer & bottom filtration at the same time.

Oase Aquamax Twin is a powerful and innovative pump for ponds, waterfalls, streams etc.

You can use either one motor or both with infinite flow control at the touch of a button. There is also a memory position.  Watercourses or waterfalls can be turned down to a silent trickle at night or filter activity can be increased or decreased.
The large strainer ensures near maintenance free operation. The strainer system is capable of accepting up to 8mm particles such as dirt or fish waste.

The Aquamax Eco Twin pump range features the patented EFR - principle impeller more info.  Connection to other Oase system components such as the Bitron UV clarifiers and Biotec filter systems is simple.

Aussie saysSuperior - these products are the best available

Aussie's observations

Suitable for: Filters, streams / water courses, waterfalls ...
What we liked: The remote control allowing finger tip control of both motors. Because this pump has two inlets it can perform two tasks such as powering a skimmer as well as taking in bottom water at the same time.
Less than ideal: Nothing we could find, it may be the most perfect pump of it's kind.
Other products of this type: Oase "Aquamax"
Made in Germany   5 year guarantee** Oase Aquamax ECO Twin
Oase Aquamax ECO Twin
Max litres per hour  (See chart below for flow rates) 20,000 27,000
Head - or zero flow height  4.5 m 5.2 m
Dimensions (cm)  - length x width x height 38 x 33 x 23 38 x 33 x 23
Flow controllable by radio remote Yes Yes
Power consumption (watt's) 198 w 320 w
Voltage 220 -240V 220 - 240V
Discharge - Threaded 2"  BSP 2"  BSP
Discharge hose connection (Multi stepped with 5 sizes) 20 to 50mm 20 to 50mm
Intake - Two x 11/2" BSP threaded inlets 1 1/2" BSP 1 1/2" BSP
Intake hose connection  (Multi stepped with 5 sizes) 12.5 to 40mm 12.5 to 40mm
If used inline (dry mounted)  Two BSP Threaded female inlet 1 1/2" BSP 1 1/2" BSP
Length of power cord 10m 10m
Maximum immersion depth 4m 4m
More pump information More info More info
National Guarantee  Aust wide, 5 years 5 years
More technical information See below See below
Price - Aust $ including GST N/A $2,099



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More information

Flow rates at different pumping heights - litres per hour

Model @ 0m @ 1m @ 1.5m @ 2m @ 2.5m @ 3 m @ 4m Head / Shut Off**
20000 20,000 14,400 11,100 8,400 5,400 2,400 - 4.5 m
30000 27,000 20,400 18,000 15,600 12,900 10,200 5,100 5.2 m
**Head / shut off - The higher the water is pumped, the less the flow until the maximum pumping height is reached. It is critical that this is understood, this height is where the water stops flowing.