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Pondlith 2500

  • Reduces ammonia levels
  • Prevents algae growth.
  • Improves water quality.
  • Natural Product.
  • Lasts for 125 days.
  • 1 kg of Pondlith per m2 of pond water works in a pond without fish.
  • In a pond with fish twice as much should be used and in a pond with Koi-fish 4 kg per m2 are necessary.            No longer available 
Oase Pondlith Water treatments

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  2.5 kg Pondlith in a surround-filter container, 20 x 20 x 12 cm, immediately applicable in filter systems, watercourses, OASE-filter pools, to optimise the BIOsys3 filter system or wherever pond water is moving.

A natural filter product on the basis of Zeolite. Zeolite is a rare type of rock and was first discovered by Baron Axel F. Cronstedt in 1756. The mineral begins to bubble when it is heated up enough - just as if it was boiling. Therefore the Baron called it ZEO (Greek: to boil) and LITHOS (stones). This way the name Zeolite was born. Today the name stands for many different classes of minerals, which does not mean that every Zeolite-mineral resource has the same characteristics. Nowadays Zeolite-minerals are being used in various compounds according to the demands in many different fields, such as medicine, aquaristics, bio-sewage plants, livestock breeding or as a bonding agent for oil, in swimming-pools and in water treatment.

 Depending on the location where it was found, on its age and crystalline structure enormous differences in performance are noticeable. Zeolite is a well-known filter material and has been highly esteemed by Koi-breeders for a long time because of its 1000x larger surface than sand or gravel. The large surface of the filter material is crucial for the settlement of the right micro-organisms and thus for the result, to achieve naturally clear water. Pondlith by OASE is a specially processed Zeolite with a grain of 5-10 mm that was exclusively developed for the use as a filter material for garden ponds. Pondlith can do a lot for a pond: In open systems, such as in agriculture in the tillage, bacteria break down the toxin ammonium. This way poisonous concentrations are avoided. In closed systems - such as the garden pond - where no exchange of substances is possible, the concentration of ammonia can rise so high that it becomes poisonous for the occupants of the pond.

 The fish themselves and the natural decomposition of uneaten fish food and fish excrement produce so much ammonia that bacteria in a normal garden pond cannot break it down. Here the filter material Pondlith works in a natural way, preventing the poisoning of the water by reducing the concentration of toxic substances through the bacteria living on its huge surface.

 Pondlith works also as an ion exchanger in the garden pond - Ions are wandering groups of atoms - The mineral Zeolite is a natural ion exchanger. For quality pond water, certain organic compounds - nutrients - are being dissolved and thus exchanged for compounds which stop the growth of green algae and therefore prevent the clouding of the water. 1 kg of Pondlith per m2 of pond water works in a pond without fish. In a pond with fish twice as much should be used and in a pond with Koi-fish 4 kg per m2 are necessary.