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OASE "Quickstick" 6 in 1

Easy to use water test strips

Oase quickstrips colour chart


For the quick, convenient and reliable water analysis

The quality of the pond water is very important for the biological balance and the health of the fish. Therefore, it is necessary to check the water quality regularly.

The new OASE aqua activ Quickstick enables the consumer to determine quickly, easily and reliably the 6 most important water parameters (pH-value, total hardness, Carbonic hardness, Nitrite, Nitrate and Chlorine).

Even inexperienced pond owners will get a reliable water analysis with OASE aqua activ Quickstick 6 in 1.

The Quickstick must be immersed in the pond water for just one second and then shaken a little to remove any surplus water.

After approximately one minute the coloured squares on the Quickstick can be compared to the squares on the test card provided to determine the result

Oase Quickstick  $43 (50 test sticks)


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