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Oase Logo  Aqua Activ by Oase ..Water Treatment

Technology and Nature in Perfect Harmony

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Oase Quicksticks Oase QuickStick Test strips For more information
50 Test strips   $45
Oase Pondlith water filter material Pondlith 2500 For more information
Zeolite filter material - 2.5Kg for 2,500 litres

Natural filter product on the basis of Zeolite.  Prevents algae growth
Decomposition of nutrients. Natural ion exchanger

Oase Pondlith 2.5Kg.....N/A 
Oxygen stabiliser Oxygen Stabiliser   For more information
500ML N/A
starter bacteria Starter Bacteria For more information
500ML N/A
Oase pH value minus pH Value minus   For more information
500ML N/A
Hardness plus Hardness Plus   For more information
500ML   N/A

Crystal Clear Crystal Clear For more information
500ML  N/A
Pond protect Pond Protect For more information
500ML N/A



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Test kits
Solve your Pond and water problems.
Green water problems ?   Here is a solution

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