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String algae / Blanket Weed


What has happened?
Visible string algae, often in dense bails looking like felt, develop if the natural competitors for nutrients, the water plants are missing totally from a pond, lacking or lacking in variety. Phosphate, the stuff algae are made out of, gets into the pond with the rain and with food and can hardly be removed. In contrast to the algae bloom where tiny protozoan give the water an even green colouring, the string algae actually indicate a rather good water quality.

What can happen?
String algae can spread very rapidly. They preferably settle in moving water such as water courses, rock fountains etc. Sensitive underwater plants are literally crushed to death.

What has to be done? You can try to 'fish out' the string algae. The algae will disappear even quicker if additional means are applied such as stabilising the water, adding pond plants, particularly floating plants and so-called oxidising plants. For a successful treatment  the water hardness must be increased to at least 5 dKH with the help of "Hardness plus". (Test the water!!) You can often see string algae appear already in early spring when the water is still cold but clear.

Will the string algae stay away?
Only if the lack of nutrients is permanent. A useful help in reducing the nutrients are suitable pond substrates such as zeolite, which will remove nutrients before they become soluble.

Exchange unsuitable pond soil rich in nutrients with suitable pond substrates.


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