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Lack of oxygen,  Build up of toxic gases,  Rain water, Silt, Poor plant growth.


What has happened?
Oxygen is consumed in the pond all the time. Normally it gets replaced by the plants. In a pond with poor plant growth (especially in the first 24 months) more oxygen is consumed than produced due to decomposition processes, particularly if the bottom of the pond is covered with silt. Fish use up the most of the oxygen.

What can happen?
Lack of oxygen occurs; especially at temperatures above 20C in the summer or in winter conditions. Additional build up of toxic gases in the sludge reduce the amount of oxygen further. The occupants of the pond will suffocate.

What has to be done?
If fish come to the surface gasping for breath (especially early in the morning) put OASE aqua activ "Oxygen Stabiliser" in the pond immediately. Additionally aerate the water. If the condition of the fish does not improve in the next 15 minutes the reason is not lack of oxygen but ammonia poisoning. If the pH-value lies considerably above 9.0 add "pH-value Minus" immediately, but carefully, according to the instructions. Poor plant growth - and therefore poor oxygen production happens often when rain or tap water is added to the pond. OASE "Oxygen Stabiliser" removes reliably any unwanted metal compounds and strengthens the plants with calcium. Furthermore phosphate (the stuff algae are made out of) is transformed into insoluble calcium phosphate.


Especially the deeper zones of a pond suffer from a lack of oxygen. Therefore apply "Oxygen Stabiliser" regularly. If you use the product in late autumn it will help the occupants of the pond to survive when a closed sheet of ice encapsulates toxic gases.

The aquatic pollution in fish ponds consists mainly of protein. If you feed more than necessary the bacteria present will die due to organic overloading. At the same time lack of oxygen occurs. A test with the OASE aqua activ "Test Kit" can 'predict such situations.

  Solution: OASE aqua activ  "Oxygen Stabiliser"

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