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Fresh water treatment, High pH-value, Algae

 What has happened?
Especially in the first few months after refilling a pond, increased algae growth occurs parallel to poor plant growth. The plant variety, particularly that of underwater plants and floating plants is missing or has not yet fully established itself. Missing trace elements (iron, calcium) lead to a yellow colouring of the pond plants and a high pH-value causes increased development of 'slimy' and short thread algae as well as 'blue' algae. Rising lack of carbonic acid, caused by the algae, increases the pH-value further.

What can happen?
Plant growth declines whilst algae growth increases, suffocating the remaining plants. A pH-value higher than 8.6 stops the respiration process of the plants; a further rise of the pH-value could cause fish to die due to ammonia poisoning. A biological MCA (maximum credible accident) occurs.

What has to be done?
After every refilling of the pond, after every change of water and after continuous rainfalls, "Bio stable regulator" should be used for water treatment. In a very gentle way this purely biological product reduces the pH-value and allows the plants to breathe again. At the same time, the barley straw, contained in the "Bio stable regulator" reduces algae growth and vital humus compounds transform important trace elements such as iron so that they can be consumed by plants.

If fish gasp for breath in the evening, test the pH-value. A pH-value above 9.0 threatens the life of the fish by ammonia poisoning. You need to lower the level of the pH-value carefully by unit (0.5 pH) per day up to a medium level of 8.5 to 8.0 by applying "pH-value minus".

Will the algae stay away permanently?
Hardly. This is simply because small artificial water bodies almost always suffer from a bad relation between the stress on the water (fish) on the one hand, and the chance for cleaning processes on the other hand. String algae is not altogether bad for a pond; it even indicates, to a certain degree, a decent water quality.

Exchange "Bio stable regulator" after latest 3-4 months. Don't throw it away. Use it as fertiliser for plants by adding it to the compost.

"OASE aqua activ "Bio stable regulator"  alternatively: "pH-value minus"

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