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Muddy Pond

What has happened?
Dead leaves, food remains, pollen, dead plant bits, fish excrement and so on sink to the bottom of the pond. Although the ever-present micro-organisms in a pond decompose this Silt, they cannot cope with the amount. The result is mud, that extracts oxygen from the water but enhances algae growth in spring immensely.

What can happen?
The lack of oxygen causes the development of toxic gases. Especially in winter under a closed layer of ice the fish suffocate together with other living organisms in the pond. In spring the underwater "muck heap" and the superfluous nutrients contained within will cause the before mentioned increased algae growth which doesn't leave a chance for the pond plants.

What has to be done?
The sludge must come out of the pond. That sounds easy but it is much harder than cleaning the living room carpet. Even the best pond vacuum cleaner cannot remove every trace of silt from a pond. The rest must be decomposed by "Japanese". These are specially bred micro-organisms. OASE aqua activ "Ground Clear" contains these "Japanese" bacteria. They work as an addition to a pond vacuum cleaner and reduce the level of silt significantly.

Will the bottom of the pond stay clean?
Only if these bacteria are used regularly and the rest of the silt is removed by a suitable device such as the Pondovac pond vacuum cleaner.

Even the most efficient "Japanese" cannot live without oxygen. The bottom of the pond provides next to no oxygen. Therefore it is recommended to add OASE aqua activ "Oxygen Stabiliser" from the OASE pond treatment range. This product gets straight to where it is needed: to the bottom of the pond! An additional effect of this product is that phosphate, the stuff algae are made out of, is turned into calcium phosphate which in turn will not be suitable as fertiliser for the algae anymore.

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