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"Liquid Barley straw"

For suspended and string algae

interpet barley staw extract water treatment

Regular use of Liquid Barley Straw will help control algae growth in ponds; both Green water (suspended green algae) and Blanket weed (a cotton wool like filamentous algae).

In the past algae has been controlled by putting a bale of barley straw in the pond which, as the straw breaks down, eliminates the algae. Liquid Barley Straw has been distilled from the barley straw and controls the algae without the mess. Used in conjunction with the range of Interpet pond treatments a healthy pond can be easily maintained

Harmless to filters and all species of fish, plants and water using wildlife.

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Initial dose....25mL treats 900L... To prevent the return of algae 8mL should be repeated every 14 days during the algae growing season for every 900L of pond water

Best if used in conjunction with Interpet Bioactive Sludge control or Sludge Buster
Help with understanding floating Algae (pea soup)
Blanket weed / String Algae - cause and solutions