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Blagdon LogoBlagdon "PRO UVC Modular" Green water UV clarifier

Blagdon UVC Clarifiers are ideal for all sizes of ponds. They all have several different sized hose outlets. The Blagdon UVC Pro has mounting brackets which can be mounted to a wall. The UV clarifier's help to control Algae in ponds and water features.
They can handle flows# of up to 32,400 Litres per hour. The Blagdon UVC Pro comes in sizes of 18 watts, 24 watts, 36 watts and 72 watts. A Minipond 5 and 9 watt uvc is for smaller ponds. This minipond is also suitable for use with the Blagdon Minipond filter series, 4500 and 6000.
These inline UV clarifiers help so you can see your fish and plants in the garden pond. These inline UV clarifiers are also ideal to be placed inline when the electrics in your current pond filter stop working but the rest of the filter is fine.
Inline UVC lamp
  • Robust construction for long life
  • UV resistant plastics used
  • Environmentally safe
  • high output PL lamps used
  • Low voltage
  • Remote ballast with 5 m cable
  • Multiple hose connections
  • Wall or filter box mountable
  • Directional outlets

Aussie says
Good is what we rate these products

Aussie's observations

Suitable for: Ponds, Aquariums and Industrial use
What we liked: The prices and quality makes this product great value for money. Return to pond outlet rotates in any direction
What we did not like: Outlet is on topside of unit, otherwise nothing.
Less than ideal: Does not have the spiral action around the UV lamp , so that water passes through the unit without the exposure that is possible on Oase Bitron
Other products of this type: Oase Bitron self cleaning Oase Vitronic

How they work in detail

Blagdon UVC Pro Mini pond
5 watt
Mini pond
9 watt
18 watt
24 watt
36 watt
72 watt
Length (cm) 33 33 60 60 60 60
Width (cm) 10 10 14 14 14 30
Maximum Pond Sizes Suggested in Litres - Light coverage/fish - Some sun (manufacturer recommended) 4,500 l 6,000 l 16,200 l 21,600 l 32,400 l 64,800 l
Maximum Pond Sizes Suggested in Litres - Medium coverage/fish - Full sun (manufacturer recommended) 2,531 l 3,375 l 9,112 l 12,150 l 18,224 l 36,450 l
Maximum Pond Sizes Suggested in Litres - Heavy coverage/fish - Full sun (manufacturer recommended) 1,265 l 1,687 l 4,556 l 4,556 l 9,112 l 18,225 l
Wattage 5 9 18 24 36 72
Fittings in and out 1/2"-1" 1/2"-1" 3/4" - 1 1/2" 3/4" - 1 1/2" 3/4" - 1`1/2" 3/4" - 1`1/2"
Cable Length 5 m 5 m 5 m 5 m 5 m 5 m
Creative Pumps recommended Maximum flow passing over the UV lamp - Litres per Hour 1,000 L/hr 1,250 L/hr 2,500 L/hr 3,000 L/hr 4,500 L/hr 9,000 L/hr
Warranty (excluding lamp) 2 yr 2 yr 2 yr 2 yr 2 yr 2 yr
Price $129 $144 $239 $249 $279 $549



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Spare Parts

# Very important note..... We believe that the pond size, flow through UVC and pump recommendation by Blagdon this product is overstated, we are therefore only quoting what we believe to be the correct performance.

*These maximums are the manufactures, not ours. But it depends on a dozen different factors. Call us or simply do not exceed our maximum recommended flows.(call us for help 1800 607 388)
**Without bypass (A larger pump can be used provided the maximum flow through the UVC is not exceeded) It is critical for the ponds health that the water does not pass through the UVC too quickly otherwise the UV light can not do it's job correctly.