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Pumps for "Deluxe projecting" spillways

PUMPS ~ How to choose :
A projecting sheet spillway requires a flow of at least 700 Litres per hour for every 100 mm of spillway width. This flow rate is measured at the spillway, therefore in choosing the pump, the distance* between the surface of the water and the spillway is a factor that only you will know. We have therefore made a number of suggestions below based on about 1.0m mounting, covering a variety of price points. The (list starts with the best quality and works right). *The higher the water is being pumped, the larger the pump must be.


Min flow rate required at the spillway

Pump location

Potential pumps based on about a 1.0m mounting height*
*Choice of pump will depend on the head** (pumping height)
600mm 4,200
litres per hr
If inside pond Laguna Maxflo 5000 
Little Giant WGP55  Pondmate 4800
If outside pond Pondmate 4800
800mm 5,600
litres per hr
If inside
Oase Neptun 6000  Laguna Maxflo 7500
Little Giant WGP65  Pondmate 6000DWP
If outside pond Oase Neptun 6000   Pondmate 6000DWP
1000mm 7,000
litres per hr
If inside
Oase Neptun 9000  Laguna Maxflo 9000
Little Giant WGP65  Pondmate 8000  
If outside pond Oase Neptun 9000  Pondmate 8000  
1200mm 8,400
litres per hr
If inside pond Oase Neptun 12000*  Laguna Maxflo 11000
If outside pond Oase Neptun 12000*  Pondmate 10000DWP 
1500mm 10,500
litres per hr
If inside pond

Oase Neptun 12000 Pondmate 15000DWP* *slightly oversize 

If outside pond

Oase Neptun 12000  Pondmate 15000DWP **slightly oversize 

1800mm 12,600
litres per hr
If inside pond

Pondmate 18000DWP  Laguna Maxflo 16000   Pondmate 15000DWP**

If outside pond

Pondmate 18000DWP**  slightly oversize

2400mm 16,800
litres per hr
If inside pond

Pondmate 18000DWP**    **slightly undersize

If outside pond

Pondmate 18000DWP***  slightly undersize

Aussie says

**Head, the distance between the top of the water in the pond and the mounting height of the spillway. 
Tip 1: A point to consider for the projecting sheet effect: The further the water drops, the narrower it becomes due to surface tension. The drop in the photo on the spillway page is .9m to give you an idea. Another way to understand this tapering effect is that for every 50 cm of drop, the width of the sheet of water narrows by about 100 mm.
After a drop of about 900mm the sheet starts to break up.
Tip 2: Any elbows or tees in the system will reduce flow. On the 2 inlet model spillways, it may be desirable to use two pumps, this will avoid the need for a tee.
Tip 3: How to neatly get the electrical cable from the pump and the water tube out of the pond cleanly and allow for service.  Click here