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Waterblade Logo Waterblade® Projecting water features and Spillways

Projecting / Sheer descent waterfalls - For Pool, Spa or chlorine ponds

Waterblade with LED light kit installed

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    Waterblade® have the model to suit your needs, available in a wide range of sizes to suit various wall lengths and widths, suitable for existing and new feature walls in your pools.
    Waterblade® features 'Clear Lip' construction leaving no painting or hiding of unsightly coloured lips in your feature wall. The Clear Lip construction enables you to blend in to any wall regardless of its composition - even if you wish to tile around the Waterblade® on your feature wall, finish your pool of with a new pool waterfall, even better add a light to it for night time.

    For a spectacular feature in your backyard why not combine a few Waterblade® models at different heights and lengths and make a statement, there is nothing more peaceful and relaxing than listening to the sound of running water!

    The clear lip can be painted with a suitable (for plastic) water proof paint!
    All spillways which are installed into bricked type walls must have a lintel to support the weight above the spillways.
    Any LED Waterblade ordered with 25mm lip, being built into the wall, will not be warranted for repair of LED lighting should a fault occur.

  • Australian made and design
  • Ability to get custom widths, choose between lip widths
  • Able to get extra cable for spillway lighting.
  • All backup provided by us, we also have pool PVC fittings for your waterblade®

Aussie saysSuperior - These goods are some of the best well sell

Aussie's observations about Waterblade water features

Suitable for: Any pool with different lip extension options to suit thick or thin walls
What we liked: The clear plastic lip allows easy blending with any wall colour. Waterblade is a respected Australian manufacturer, so we know the quality is consistent. Able to order special lip widths, as they are can be custom made to suit.
If used as a sheet descent: This spillway performs best as a projecting sheet(sheer descent), but does a good job as sheet descent (softly down the wall) when the water flow is reduced to 59% .
Other products of this type: Hurlcon   Aqua Acrylic   AquaFlo

Waterblade Spillway width in mm

600 mm 900 mm 1200 mm 1500 mm 1800 mm 2400 mm
Number of water inlets (accepts 40 mm PVC pipe*) One One One Two Two Two
Colour of lip plastic Clear# Clear# Clear# Clear# Clear# Clear#
Water inlet position Back** or
Back** or
Back** or
Back** or
Back** or
Size of box. H x W - Standard models 75 x 65 mm 75 x 65 mm 75 x 65 mm 75 x 65 mm 75 x 65 mm 75 x 65 mm
Size of box. H x W - with LED Lights 90 x 65 mm 90 x 65 mm 90 x 65 mm 90 x 65 mm 90 x 65 mm 90 x 65 mm
Suitable for chlorine or salt pools or spas yes yes yes yes yes yes
Suitable for natural (live) ponds no no no no no no
1" (25mm) lip extension
(see picture below)
$463 $558 $652 $771 $887 $1,005
6" (150mm) lip extension
(see picture below)
$485 $594 $664 $816 $947 $1,087
9" (230mm) lip extension
(see picture below)
$508 $614 $734 $863 $994 $1,170
*If flexible spiral hose is to be used rather than rigid PVC glue in pipe, PVC faucet adapter/s are required to make the conversion
While water entry into the spillway box is normally by back entry, if you require bottom entry please specify.
LED Light kits

LED light kits - Must be ordered at same time

600 mm 900 mm 1200 mm 1500 mm 1800 mm 2400 mm
Red-Green-Blue LED Lighting kit** $468 $499 $525 $539 $563 $632
White LED Lighting kit** $331 $353 $372 $381 $419 $496
Blue LED Lighting kit** $331 $353 $372 $381 $419 $496



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Total shipping per order Only $10 to any Australian Address - Prices Include GST
Trade customers - Buying for resale - Call 1800 607 388 or click > Trade contact





LED Light kits
For any model shown above, Red/Green/Blue rotating or fixed as a solid colour. Or available in a single colour of White as standard or Blue as another option.

**All kits supplied with 5.0 m* of cable and driver.
*Cable attached to the centre of the spillway.

LED lighting kits must be ordered at the same time as the Waterblade

Optional rock trap - Used inline to catch any small stones prior to entering the spillway box
Aussie says A point to consider for the sheer descent** (projecting sheet effect): The further the water drops, the narrower it becomes due to surface tension. The drop in the photo's above is 0.8m to give you an idea. Another way to understand this tapering effect is that for every 50cm of drop, the width of the sheet of water narrows by about 100 mm.  After about 1.0 m of drop the sheet starts to break up. There also needs to be expansion gaps on both ends of the spillway, 10 mm. This will allow for heat expansion of your spillway. A lintel must also be installed above the spillway so that no weight is on the spillway.
** Back entry, available from stock
***Bottom entry - Not a stock item. Made only to order, allow 3 weeks

How to choose your pump: The spillway can either have it's own independent pump or can be linked to the main pool or Spa pump. Waterblade projecting sheet spillway requires a flow of at least 26 Litres per minute and a maximum of 50 litres per minute for every 300 mm of spillway width. This flow rate is measured at the spillway, therefore in choosing the pump, the distance* between the surface of the water and the spillway is a factor that only you will know.  Click for projection chart and pump flow recommendations.

Lip Extensions

3 different lip widths to choose from, 25, 150 & 230 mm lips

 Projection chart  and pump flow recommendations Click