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Projecting water features & pump information

For Hurlcon & Waterblade brands ... Suitable for pools & spas

Projecting information for Hurlcon and Waterblade spillways
The numbers across the top represent the projection in mm

Maximum projection for Rain effect spillways from Hurlcon

Above for sheer descent (projecting sheet)
The maximum flow through the spillway is 50 Ltrs per minute (lpm) for every 300mm of spillway width.  At 50 LPM the projection should be a little more than 300mm

Above for "Rain effect" only
Using the maximum flow of 25 Litres per minute (lpm) for every 300mm of spillway width. At 25 LPM the projection should be a little more than 300mm

Understanding this chart
The left vertical numbers
represent mounting heights of the spillway box in mm
900mm is the maximum recommended mounting height above the top of the pool water surface. Any higher than 900mm will cause the water sheet to break up and feather at the bottom and become untidy.

The water will taper - a fact of nature

Special note:
these taper details do not apply to the rain effect spillways, as they do not taper much at all

The higher you go the more the breaking up of the flow it will be

A. Length if spillway

B. Ideal spillway height to top of the pool water surface

C. Width of water at the pool surface using the recommended height

D. Maximum recommended spillway height above pool surface

E. Width of water at pool surface with maximum mounting height

(these measurements are only intended as a guide)

When you mount the spillway at 900 high it reduces down to 650 mm in width

Maximum height of mounting spillway is 900 mm