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Step by Step Guide for Multi-use spillways

Step 1

Choose the length of spillway that will best suit the installation position that you desire.

Step 2

Make a decision on what function is most appealing to you:
  1. Projecting Sheet (also known as Sheer Descent)
  2. Sheet Descent (softly down the wall)
  3. Both (refer to Projecting Sheet charts as the flow can be reduced on a larger pump to gain the Sheet Descent function)

Step 3

Measure the mounting height of where the spillway will be positioned. This is measured from the top of the pond water (not the pump position) to the spillway.

Step 4

Choosing your pump.
  • Refer to the relevant chart (Projecting Sheet or Sheet Descent)
  • Find the spillway length that you have chosen, make note of the minimum litres per hour that are required to make a good display. Special note .. the litres per hour quoted are at the spillway, not at pond level. Example if the required flow is 1000 litres per hour, you will not need a 1,000 litres per hour pump, but a pump able to pump 1,000 litres per hour at the required mounting height , it may be a 2,000 litre pump, see the pump chart at the bottom of each pump page.
  • Decide if your pump will be inside or outside the pond
  • Finally decide on the quality of pump that you desire starting from the best quality on the left.
  • Link to Choose your pump

Once you have decided on a pump, click the link from the chart to visit the pumps page and refer to the chart at the bottom titled 'Flow rates at different pumping heights'. From this chart compare the litres per hour that the pump is capable of producing at the mounting/head height of where your spillway will be mounted. If this value is equal to or greater than the minimum litres per hour required for your spillway length then you can be 90% sure that you've made the right choice.

Step 5

Choose your plumbing kit
  • Under the multi-function chart refer to the relevant section (Projecting Sheet or Sheet Descent)
  • Find the spillway length that you have chosen
  • Decide if the supplied hose length is adequate, if this needs to be modified, let us know

Step 6

Choose your through wall fittings (if you plan on plumbing through the pond or wall)

Step 7

You should now have everything you need to order all the components to complete your spillway. Go ahead and make the order either online or by calling us on 1800 607 388.