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Aqua-rt & AquaFlo Projecting sheet spillways - Additional information

Spillway set up directions Spillway cartoon
Filter system?
If the pond is large enough you may wish to consider some for of filtration. Show here is an external pressure filter, however in pond filters are also available.


Pump installation choices - In pond or outside pond
Pump in pond Pump outside of pond
Typical pump installation....  A submersible pump is positioned in the pond with water pumped through the pond wall and up to the spillway.
Note: This is the best way to set up your pump from the stand point of the pumps performance, as any pump noise (mostly associated with less expensive pumps) is muffled, the pump is kept cooler and therefore will have a longer life, in most cases a pre filter can be attached to the pump.
Optional pump installation ...  A pump suitable for dry mounting is positioned behind the pond and the water is then pumped up to the spillway.
Note: This arrangement the pump to be hidden, however the benefits mentioned in the in-pond option such as noise, cooling are lost.