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AquaFlo - Multi use spillways*

For natural (live ponds) chlorine Ponds, Spas & Pools

Aquaflo spillways are ideal for all sizes of ponds and pools. They can be used in all size of ponds and even garden court yards. They are able to be used in either salt of chlorine swimming pools.
If you want an Aquaflo with lights, you need to go here. Aquaflo spillways are easily placed on a wall, all you need to do is to support the water box, as the lips can not support them alone. They are available in either a 50 mm or 125 mm lips. All spillways which are installed into bricked type walls must have a lintel to support the weight above the spillways.

One spillway box ... two functions depending on the pump size

projecting sheet spillway

Projecting sheet (Sheer descent) mode
For more photos

Aquaflo spillways

Clear Acrylic plastic (UV stabilized)
Lip extension, from box to water outlet slot 50 or 125 mm

Projecting sheet function (Projecting sheet) Projecting spillway

Cascading function (softly down the wall)Cascading down the wall spillway

Aussie saysBetter - is our rating for this products

Aussie's observations

Suitable for: Any wall, two lip extension options to suit thick or thin walls. Maximum head of 5 metres to water feature.
What we liked: Complete flexibility, can be used as a sheet descent** or a sheer descent* spillway just by using a different pump, or by reducing the flow the effect can be changed. It is also the only spillway that can be used in either a pond or pool because of it's design.
For pool or spa use: The 1 1/4" BSP threaded inlets are best suited to ponds rather than pools where 40mm PVC pipe is the standard, however, with adaptors the inlets can be changed to suit pool style pipe. 
If used as a sheet descent: This spillway performs best as a projecting sheet (sheer), but does a good job as sheet descent. For a perfect effect see Deluxe sheet decent. or Multi-function
Other products of this type: Waterblade   Aqua-rt also See index

AquaFlo Multi -function spillways

Width of Spillway 300 600 900 1200 1500
Multi function - Sheet descent** or Sheer descent* yes yes yes yes yes
Approximate water projection
- In sheet descent mode depending
on the pump size)
300mm 300mm 300mm 300mm 300mm
Number of inlets 1 1 1 2 2
Inlet - BSP thread - Female 1 1/4" 1 1/4" 1 1/4" 1 1/4" 1 1/4"
Water inlet position (your choice) Back or
Back or
Back or
Back or
Back or
Size of box. H x W -mm - for Bottom entry 80 x 60 80 x 60 80 x 60 80 x 60 80 x 60
Lip projection - mm 50 & 125 50 & 125 50 & 125 50 & 125 50 & 125
Suitable for chlorine or salt pools/spas yes yes yes yes yes
Suitable for natural (live) ponds yes yes yes yes yes
50 mm lip - Bottom entry $199 $259 $365 $429 $619
50 mm lip - Back entry $199 $259 $365 $429 $619
One way check valve^ standard size 40 mm with 2 PVC valve sockets $46 $46 $46 $46 $46
125 mm lip - Bottom entry $219 $279 $389 $479 x
125 mm lip - Back entry N/A N/A N/A N/A x

Also see models with lighting, built in to the spillway - Click here

^We are now recommending that a Check valve be installed to suit these spillways, as we have had some damage through flows not maintained when used in a swimming pool with pool pumps.



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Confused about selecting the right spillway?

Lip sizes

50 mm              125 mm
Lip extension is measured from the vertical edge of box to the tip of the lip (point where the water exits)

AquaFlo - Projecting descent* or Cascading descent**
*What is a Projecting sheet spillway A box with a delivery spout is mounted in a wall, a large volume of water passing through this special unit producing a solid sheet of water that projects away from the wall. The sheet of water does not touch the wall, but goes directly into the pond/pool/spa. These units have been designed with an multi chamber internal baffle system for a spectacular flow over the spillway.

*What is a Cascading descent spillway? A box with a delivery spout is mounted in a wall, water flows softly from the spillway and runs down the wall face into the pond or pool. Sheet descent units have been designed with a multi chamber internal baffle system to promote even flow over the spillway.

Tip 1:
If being used as a projecting sheet effect, never mount higher that 900 mm above the water. The further the water drops, the narrower it becomes due to surface tension. The drop in the photo's above is .9m to give you an idea. Another way to understand this tapering effect is that for every 50 cm of drop, the width of the sheet of water narrows by about 100 mm. After about 90 cm of drop the sheet starts to break up.

Hint 2: Any elbows or tees in the system will reduce flow. On the 2 inlet model spillways, it may be desirable to use two pumps, this will avoid the need for a tee.

Hint 3: Glass .. When water is run down glass, to improve water flow and maintain it's full width you should angle the wall between 2 to 5 degrees

Hint 4: Acrylic .. When water is run down Acrylic, to improve water flow and maintain it's full width you should angle the wall between 5 to 7 degrees

Hint 5: How to neatly get the electrical cable from the pump and the water tube out of the pond cleanly and allow for service. Click here
Plumbing for pools or spas
The spillway box has a 1 1/4" female thread, if white PVC pipe is to be used, an adaptor must be purchased.
For 32mm pipe $8 per inlet
For 40mm pipe $8 per inlet